Nine Principles to reach the goal of a Florida-Friendly Yard

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Florida-Friendly Landscaping
Are you interested in finding that balance between the striking landscape design and also protecting the Florida environment in a sustainable manner? "Florida-Friendly" landscaping can help you meet your goals. 

The Florida Yards & Neighborhoods Handbook

The Florida-Friendly Landscape Guide to Plant Selection & Landscape Design

Florida-Friendly Best Management Practices for Protection of Water Resources by the Green Industries

Residential Landscape Design
Not sure where to start on your landscape design? Below are topics that could help provide direction.  

Landscape Design: Analyzing Site Conditions

Landscape Design: Putting Your Yard on Paper - Site Measurements and Base Maps

Landscape Design: Finding Inspiration for a Design Theme

Color in the Landscape: Finding Inspiration for a Color Theme

Adapting A Florida-Friendly Landscape

Landscape Pests

Landscape Integrated Pest Management

Southern Chinch Bug


Pruning Landscape Trees and Shrubs

Environmental Stresses and Your Florida Lawn

Growing Turfgrass in the Shade

Preparing to Plant a Florida Lawn

Community Tree Care

Attracting Wildlife

Hummingbirds of Florida

Creating Wildlife Habitat with Native Florida Freshwater Wetland Plants

Landscaping Backyards for Wildlife: Top Ten Tips for Success

Getting Started in Butterfly Gardening


Let Your Lawn Tell You When to Water

Turf Irrigation for the Home

Tips for Maintaining Landscape During Drought

Operation of Residential Irrigation Controllers

Residential Irrigation System Rainfall Shutoff Devices

Home Irrigation and Landscape Combination for Water Conservation in Florida

Rain barriers: A Homeowners Guide

Sample Plant Designs For Four Florida Regions
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